PhenoPen Review: Vape Pen With 100% Pure Hemp Extract

Vaping is a trending buzzword nowadays. However, one cannot have a seamless vaping experience without having the necessary equipment. It is for this same reason why at PuriHemp, we want to enlighten you if PhenoPen is a fantastic vape pen worth your money. Keep on reading our PhenoPen review for the ultimate breakdown of details. 

About PhenoPen

Mabsut Life created the PhenoPen company to bring into existence an affordable, yet a premium vape pen to necessitate unforgettable vaping moments. They take pride in having experts of different spheres of life in their industry; thus ensuring their array of products function in the best way possible. 

Among their most praised products is their CBD pen. They have made the pen in such a way that it can relay CBD directly to the consumer’s brain.

PhenoPen CBD Vape Pen Review

It is a disheartening situation to find oneself when pain and anxiety is the talk of the day in, and day out. That is why vaporizing CBD seems to give promising results in the alleviation of these maladies. The PhenoPen vape pen harbors CBD in a pure, extract form.

In fact, if bioavailability (the rate at which Cannabidiol gets absorbed along with the bloodstream) of CBD is among the top reasons you consider before settling for any method of consuming CBD, then this vape pen with 100% pure hemp extract could do you justice.

The affirmative reasons are these: As mentioned previously, Mabsut Life created PhenoPen. They are famous for being cannabis enthusiasts who create functional CBD products for helping in solving different therapeutic conditions. The vape pen is, therefore, a primal vaping device that dispenses the entire CBD into the body within the shortest time possible.

PhenoPen comes in a complete package – with a cartridge and the body to make it easy to achieve fast vaping. That way, the buyer gets assured that they will inhale vaporized CBD at the go. That is, there is no need to keep on assembling different components before starting to take CBD vapor. The heating system in the pen’s body is created in such a way that it cannot interfere with the CBD’s purity and overall quality.

The usage of 100% natural, yet pure hemp CBD (59% pure) extract is something else to take note. The vape pen comes loaded in natural CBD extracted from organic hemp, and thus, the consumer gets to enjoy a safe vapor. This could be the hugest reason why most of PhenoPen’s customer recommend this product for the alleviation of different pain points.

The high number of quality assessment tests also make PhenoPen CBD vape pen to give assurance to the buyer that the component is safe and efficient at any given time. That way, some patients like those who suffer from anxiety cannot meet mishaps like those that come as a result of panic caused by improperly functioning CBD vape products.

Those who suffer from allergic conditions should liaise with their doctors before even purchasing this vape pen. It is also worth mentioning that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers shouldn’t use this vape pen. The same case applies to those who are under 21 years.

In Summary

Across the reviews that we have read on the Internet, PhenoPen has nearly 5-stars for every verified purchase, which is a good gesture. As of the moment, one can only purchase the PhenoPen vape pen on their website. This is undoubtedly a demerit, and we accept that it can be better if they let their products be available for purchase across more platforms. 

As it seems, they have among the best vape pens, which should ring to your mind that you should try them out, get the benefits of their 100% pure hemp extract, and enjoy the alleviation of pain, anxiety, and many more health problems.