Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in California?

  • January 10, 2020
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Although cannabidiol (CBD) has been identified to provide several potential health benefits, its use has been limited due to association with the cannabis plant and marijuana. In most cases, the mere mention of the word weed or marijuana makes people focus more on its psychoactive properties. This has led to the formulation of several regulations regarding the use of CBD and CBD products around the world. 

While the use of CBD is legal in the United States, the regions are given a free hand to determine which regulations fit into their laws hence the reason why CBD is not completely legal in all the 50 States. In this article, we shall discuss the legal status of CBD in California and the medical marijuana laws guiding the purchase and use of these products. 

Is CBD legal in California?

The legal status of CBD and hemp oil in the United States is divided into three; the green states, the amber states, the red, amber states, and the red states. While CBD use is completely legal in green states, amber states and red amber states tend to have some limitations such as the presentation of prescription forms or medical marijuana cards. However, the use of CBD is completely illegal in red states. 

Use of CBD and hemp oil is completely legal in California, thus making it one of the green states. This location allows the use of CBD oil for both medical and recreational purposes as long as the user meets the minimum age requirement of 18 or 22 years. Although the use of CBD came into the limelight a few years ago, it will interest you to note that CBD has been used legally in Los Angeles, San Francisco, for over two decades now.

The first case of cannabis laws legalizing the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes in California was endorsed in 1996. In January 2019, the office of the Administrative Law (OAL) officially approved state regulations for cannabis businesses across the supply chain. With this new regulation, the previous emergency cannabis regulations were rendered null and void. Based on the terms of the new regulation, it is now legal for residents to grow, cultivate, and sell CBD products derived from cannabis plant with a THC concentration, not more than 0.3%.

Medical marijuana laws in California

In 1996, the legislature passed the “Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act” (“MAUCRSA”), which served as a combined regulatory system for both medical and recreational marijuana. The aim of this law was to permit and regulate for-profit cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, testing, dispensary, and transportation, with permits required from both local and state agencies. The terms of this law were, however, rendered null and void in 2019 when the Office of the Administrative Law (OAL) officially approved state regulations for cannabis businesses. 

The recent medical marijuana laws in California allow farmers to grow industrial hemp for the legal sale of seed, oil, and fiber to manufacturers. The bill was presented by Senator Mark Leno and was passed into law in 2016 by the legislature. Based on the terms of this law, farmers are only allowed to cultivate these crops after obtaining a license from the local authority, and the industrial hemp must contain more CBD than THC. Under the terms of this law, patients or individuals who meet a certain requirement can obtain and use medical marijuana with a prescription from doctors. Users may not need a prescription card for recreational uses. 

It is pertinent to bear in mind that patients or users with a doctor’s recommendation (prescription) are allowed to purchase larger quantities of marijuana than recreational users. The sale of marijuana and cannabis is illegal to people under 21, while those below the age of consent must present a doctor’s recommendation.

How to get CBD oil in Los Angeles, California?

If you intend to purchase CBD oil in Los Angeles, California, there is a need to understand the CBD regulations guiding the distribution and use of the products. You need a CBD card or doctor’s prescription to obtain CBD for medical use while you can walk into any dispensary to ask for CBD products for recreational use as long as you are 21 and above. Please note that all CBD and hemp oil products must contain no more than 0.3% THC.

Where to buy CBD oil in California?

The CBD market is presently inundated with lots of manufacturers and distributors hence the need to pay special attention to what you buy. While most people will prefer to order or purchase their CBD products online, it is important that you do so from accredited websites and sellers only. These online stores should be accredited by the local authority. 

Before settling for any online store, make sure you take out some time to survey the market for recommendations from previous buyers, certifications, and the cannabinoid profile. Remember that CBD products with more than 0.3% THC are illegal in California.

Bottom line

The use of CBD is legal in California as long as you have a medical marijuana card or a doctor’s prescription. These products must contain no more than 0.3% THC from 100% organic source. If you intend to buy any CBD product from an online store, we suggest you ask for the Certificate of analysis. This will give you a general idea of the cannabinoid profile and the concentration of THC in the product.

PuriHemp is legally registered and endorsed by the local authorities to distribute CBD products to all customers. We place a high priority in the distribution and marketing of CBD products with less then 0.3% THC content. Our CBD products are 100% organic, with no additives.  

Don’t forget to contact our team of CBD experts if you have questions on the use of CBD products in California or how to buy CBD online in California. We will love to hear from you soon. 

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