Frequently Asked Questions

Full spectrum CBD, sometimes called the whole plant CBD, refers to CBD that harbors all the active cannabinoids (including Tetrahydrocannabinol – the compound that gets the user high), terpenes, and flavonoids of cannabis.

The best thing with our wide array of products is that we have incorporated the recommended dosage on our packaging label. That is the best way to determine how much CBD you should take. Nonetheless, should you want to take even more than it’s written on our labels, be sure to liaise with your doctor.

Our crucial piece of advice to our customers is that before introducing any new product to their body, seek a doctor’s counsel. That said, be sure to get in touch with your health care professional since they are in the best position to advise if CBD can interact with your other medications or not. However, there are no pieces of research showing CBD can have an undesired effect on other medicines.

Not at all. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) treats CBD products as dietary supplements; thus, meaning you don't need a medical to buy our products. CBD, being legal federally, can get shipped across any of the 50 states, which typically means you also don't need a doctor's recommendation before you make your order with us. We can deliver to your door, be you living in a medical marijuana state or not.

According to the FDA, CBD products should not get used to prevent or cure, treating or diagnosing any medical condition. That is why CBD gets termed as a dietary supplement and not medicine. To a greater extent, these FDA requirements make it impossible for us to offer medical advice about CBD oil. Be sure to read more about CBD and if there are pieces of studies showing its benefits, and if those benefits can help in your medical condition.

Drug tests and specifically 9-delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are rampant today. That is, irrespective of whether you are an employer or an employee. While we try our level best to ensure that we meet the THC threshold by the FDA, there may be instances where the consumption of hemp CBD products and hemp seed oils can show the presence of THC. If you go through lots of drug screening processes, we would advise you to talk to the responsible person performing the tests before you start the CBD oil journey. They may have a tip or two in store for you.

Among our critical reasons for existence is giving you high-quality and dependable CBD products. That said, we let our oils pass through continuous 3rd party laboratory tests to make our dream keep on being a reality. You can be sure to find an updated 3rd party test results on any of our product pages.

Proper storage of CBD can enhance the longevity of the products to the shelf life of a year. The best tips to store your CBD to reach up to one year is ensuring that the containers get stored in a low humidity area, which is dark and doesn't come into contact with direct sunlight.

While it is our joy and goal to see you making payments hassle-freely, it is also worth mentioning that the restrictions created by some banks towards making purchases on CBD products may cause the rejection of a credit card. You may need to get in touch with your bank and let them know that you initiated the transaction and that they may permit future transactions to go through. Repeating the process will undoubtedly make the credit card to get accepted.

There are no extra costs to be born when making domestic orders. The case may be different from international orders, though, depending on the chosen method of payment and the terms imposed by the service provider. Ensure that you are knowledgeable about the service provider's terms before checking out.

For retail orders, we use FedEx and UPS as the delivery carriers. Whether your address is a PO BOX or not, we use USPS, too, to provide convenience to all our customers.

If you place your order, we start processing it as soon as possible, making us ship it to you within anywhere between two and nine business days.

Should you be unsatisfied with what gets delivered to you, you can be sure to return the product to us for a full refund within 30 days, but you will bear the returns shipping costs.

While the usage of CBD products is legal, according to the FDA, we ship to every other American state apart from South Dakota, Idaho, and Wyoming.