AceWellness Review: High-Quality THC-Free CBD Products

The world of CBD is enormous and will still be for predictably long. Many patients and Internet users are eyeing getting wellness from CBD products, thanks to the lots of free info on the Internet today. However, what do you know about Ace-Wellness? Well, let this Ace-Wellness review from the masters – PuriHemp be of utmost importance to your knowledge today.

About AceWellness

Ace Online Wellness is a UK Company that takes pride in selling CBD products that are free from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical compound in the cannabis plant that gets the user to have a high-head effect. Among their priorities is ensuring that the buyer receives safe CBD products and those that maintain the user’s beauty.

They work with ethical hemp farmers to supply them with the best industrial hemp plants for the extraction of CBD, thus assuring their buyers that there is the credibility of where the hemp plant matter getting extracted comes from.

AceWellness Review

On the bottom-most part of their homepage, you will realize that they have grouped their CBD products into categories. Such comprises CBD soft gels, CBD gummies, vape pens, CBD skincare products, CBD salves, CBD tincture hemp oil, and CBD pet products.

All these products get manufactured using Nano-emulsion technology, which typically involves ensuring that CBD oil-water gets soluble to enhance fast absorption into a person’s or a pet’s body. They use organically grown hemp to help in ensuring that the CBD products obtained after extraction are natural and pure.

How about their pricing? You may probably be thinking that for such high-quality products, you need to break the bank to obtain any of them. That should, however, not be the case. Let’s have a glance at the prices of their THC-free CBD products. 

Their CBD soft gel sample is the cheapest in that category and costs $5.99. On the contrary, 30 CBD soft gels with Curcumin cost $74.99, while plain 30 CBD soft gels go for between $36.99 and $64.99.

Their cheapest CBD hemp oil tincture goes for $29.99, while the most expensive as of the moment costs $99.99. There is a myriad of options to choose from in their CBD Salve, where the prices range between $14.99 and $74.99.

On the vape pens category, some cartridges cost between $39.99 and $59.99, and rechargeable vape pens which get priced between $54.99 and $74.99. Under CBD skincare products, there is CBD Face Mask that goes for $16.99 and CBD skin for $32.99.

Are you a CBD gummy lover? Then Ace-Wellness sells 15 CBD gummies at $37.99. For pet owners, they can purchase 30 CBD dog treats for $29.99 or Pet Hemp Tincture for prices between $74.99 and $99.99.

All prices are current at the time of writing and may differ from current prices.

AceWellness Pros

While the appearance of a company’s website doesn’t ultimately translate to success, you can nod that their website is stunning, which makes your shopping experience seamless. There are no annoying ad popups, nor is there any difficulty in locating the categories of the CBD products. That is undoubtedly a plus for them.

Secondly, we can unanimously agree that they have a generous assortment of products. While they may not have as many CBD products as their competitors, the addition of CBD vape components and pet products to conventional products like CBD gummies and CBD oil is undoubtedly a benefit. One can quickly quench their thirst for CBD products under a single website. 

Lastly, the fact that they open seven days a week is a fantastic move to ensure that all customers get attended to, their queries and concerns being addressed as fast as possible, and ensuring that shipments and deliveries get done quickly.

AceWellness Cons

Ace-Wellness could do something about offering CBD products with extensive strengths and add more information in their “About Us” page.